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Jaguar Air Compressors Pty Ltd, is an Australian company, who are the authorised importers for East Asia Machinery Co. Ltd in China.  EAM is the most successful manufacturer from Taiwan, and invested in Mainland China in 1989.  They have been in existence for more than 25 years in this industry.

Jaguar Compressors have an ISO 9001/2000 accreditation, and manufacture exceptional quality Compressed Air equipment.  Their operations are carried out within a 60,000 sq meter construction and assembly factory.  They have been successful in selling their products to more than 30 countries internationally.

Jaguar Compressors in partnership with Rotorcomp, and GHH-Rand, who are highly acclaimed and recognised worldwide for their expertise in manufacturing exceptional quality Single Stage and Double Stage Oil-Injected Rotary Screw Compressor Air-End's, are now available in Australia.

Jaguar Compressors are expertly designed and are well suited to handle the most severe climatic conditions that exist in Australia.  They are cost effective, extremely reliable, and have proved to be very efficient, offering an all round exceptional package. 

Company Profile

Jaguar Air Compressors Pty Ltd - Australia, is the recognised Australian authorised importer and distributor for Jaguar Compressors, we pride ourselves in our ability to ensure that client satisfaction, as well as correct maintenance, remains our ulitmate focus.

On offer, we have our latest designed Jaguar Rotary and Reciprocating Compressors.  Coupled with this, are our Air Dryers, Receivers and exceptional quality High Efficiency Filters.

Complete installation projects and the supply of ancillary equipment associated with Industrial compressed air systems are also catered for.

We are now able to introduce a complete new range of Medical grade of Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors to the Australian market and in addition to this, we are also able to obtain service parts, from our outlets both locally and internationally, when these parts are not readily available from the agents.  This minimises unnecessary downtime and ensures client satisfaction.



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